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Batista Says He Argued With Vince McMahon &Creative Everyday When He Returned In 2014

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Jun 29, 2016

Batista Says He Argued With Vince McMahon &Creative Everyday When He Returned In 2014

Batista appeared on MLW Radio and here is a recap of what he said:

His return wasn't good from the very beginning. They wanted him to come back as a babyface where he wanted to return as a heel.

Wishes he could've been in better shape for wrestling. He had an achilles tendon injury. He also stayed away from weights and vigorous workouts because he was trying to conform to being an actor so he was trying to get away from that muscle-bound look.

He argued with Vince and creative everyday he was there.

He felt super unsatisfied with his return. Says it broke his heart because he had been thinking about his return for years. When he left, he wanted to come back and do SummerSlam, around the time Guardians was coming out. He talked to Steph and Hunter about doing SummerSlam because Guardians would be the #1 film at the box office. They kinda had a snickered and went "Yea, we don't even know if the movie is gonna be any good."

He says they told Daniel Bryan not to sell all of his injuries at Mania and kinda buried the shit out of them. Pissed him off and hated that Shield split up literally the night after making them look like a million dollars. Says that they should've had Shield continue their run with The Wyatts until everyone was sick of seeing them.

It also pissed him off that after trying to make SHIELD look like a million bucks, the only thing everyone was saying was "Batista wore blue, whatta asshole."

Says he and Dolph had kick ass matches that the fans missed out on because they were too busy chanting "CM PUNK! BLUETISTA! BOOTISTA!" Says it really hurt his feelings.

Says it was trendy booing him. Felt like a personal attack. He didn't ask for a lot of money and never said he won't do house shows and not put people over. He was really confused by how the crowd was acting.

He says he struggled early in his career so hard with promos because people wrote stuff for him instead of bullet points. He was always a shy person and public speaking was terrifying to him. He would go up to Vince or Hayes and asked what point they wanted to get across and then winged it and thats when he got good.

He noticed that when WWE films started, John Cena was receiving movie roles and not him. He asked if there was any opportunity for him to act in WWE films and they showed no interest. He then decided to go outside the company and audition and the answer was "You are our property. Get dressed and get to work." He just felt it was unfair to him career-wise and financially and he wasn't content with that and gave them a year's notice.

On his last day with WWE, when he left the first time, it put everything in perceptive. Few people said goodbye and thank you to him. Then security escorted him out of the door. No keep in touch or see you later. He left there with a broken back on his last match with Cena.

- Recap credit: Reddit user GoodGuyRev.

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