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Batista Reveals Major Creative Issues During His Last WWE Run

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Nov 02, 2015

Batista Reveals Major Creative Issues During His Last WWE Run

Dave Bautista was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet while promoting his role in the new Bond movie “Spectre.”

During the interview, he revealed why he left WWE and how he was constantly butting heads with WWE creative:

“I was just constantly butting heads with them creatively, which is something we talked about well beforehand, and I was promised things that weren’t delivered to me. For one, I didn’t want to go back as a babyface. I said it’s not going to work, they don’t want to see me as a babyface. Nobody wants to see Batista as a babyface. I’m the worst babyface ever. But I’m a good heel, I know how to be a heel, I’m comfortable being a heel, and the fans want me to be a heel. But they tried to shove me down everybody’s throats, and they rebelled,” Bautista said, stopping short of referencing the simultaneous rise of Daniel Bryan, the leader of a fan uprising. “They (fans) are not idiots, and they don’t like it and they don’t want it. So, it just makes them rebel more. Then it became a state of confusion where they didn’t know what they wanted to do with me so they’d just send me out every week regurgitating the same crap and it was just horrible. After I had finally been there for a few months where I found my niche when people started reacting to me in a positive way, I had to go and fulfill my (movie) obligations with Marvel.”

Watch the full interview below:

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