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Bret Hart Says He's Glad Hulk Hogan Got "Busted" & Hopes He Doesn't Return To WWE

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Sep 03, 2015

Bret Hart Says He's Glad Hulk Hogan Got

Bret Hart recently recently took part in a Q&A via Periscop.

Below are highlights:

-Hart praises Kevin Owens as one of the best talents in WWE right now. He says he doesn’t agree with people who say Owens is fat, as he thinks Owens looks like a wrestler. Hart says Owens is a great heel, is a hard worker, and resembles guys like Bam Bam Bigelow.

-On the Hulk Hogan controversy, Hart says he’s glad Hogan got busted and hopes he never returns to WWE. He says Hogan should stay down in Tampa in his own little world of worshipping himself. Hart says he never knew Hogan to be a racist, but admitted that white, southern wrestlers “tend to be a little racial all of the time” and the “N” word got tossed around a lot.

-Hart says he likes Seth Rollins a lot, but can’t forgive him for breaking John Cena’s nose. Hart says you can’t call yourself a great wrestler when you’re making major mistakes like that.

-Hart says Cody Rhodes is the best technical wrestler in WWE, and he also really likes Goldust. He said Tyson Kidd is probably WWE’s most underrated talent.

-Hart said he loves CM Punk and says wrestling hasn’t been the same since he left. Hart says Punk was the best of the last generation and raised the bar for everyone. Hart thinks Punk was innovative, had a great sense of psychology and stood up for all the right things. In the end, Hart thinks Punk did what needed to be done and he has nothing but respect for him.

Watch here:

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