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[COLUMN] The Future Needs To Be Now

Posted By: Simon Mills on Feb 07, 2015

[COLUMN] The Future Needs To Be Now

There are some amazing things happening down in Florida. NXT, although only producing 1 hour of television a week, are thriving. 

Confirmed by COO Triple H as his brainchild, everything that seems to be going wrong for RAW is going right for NXT. 

When you have talents like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, Adrian Neville and Finn Balor amongst others, it's hard to go wrong. 

So what are they doing in NXT that is not being done on RAW? Simple. They are being allowed to make it about wrestling! Sometimes we simply don't care about the back story. Sometimes, we want to see two men rip each other apart and that's what NXT is giving us. 

What I want to know is how with so much talent down in what WWE considers the minor league, how does characters like Adam Rose (Who I rated highly as Leo Kruger) and The Bunny make it on TV? 

Here's an idea for WWE. Remove 6 stagnant characters. Debut the aforementioned wrestlers and let them do what they do best. WRESTLE! Get the crowd interested in the mid card again because John Cena and Randy Orton can't go forever. I legitimately see Kevin Owens as THE top heel going forward into the next 10 years. But that won't be achieved if you throw him at the mercy of WWE's "creative" team. 

With Owens, Triple H needs to make him a pet project and let him loose. If Owens is offered protection, the sky is the limit. As for Zayn, he has the potential to be a top baby face. There is something about him that makes him so likeable and as Enzo Amore would say, YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT! 

So where do WWE go from here? Do they aggressively pursue the future as they did in the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart years or are they happy to stagnate for a while as their is no real competition?

WWE could shoot themselves in the foot if they choose the latter. Ted Turner took advantage of it before so why can't it happen again? 

If Vince really does pride himself on his insight into the business and what's best then it's time to let the dogs loose. Call up those names and let them run riot. Don't bog them down with silly gimmicks and viewer insulting promos. Let these guys be the start of bringing WWE back to its roots. WRESTLE! 

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