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[COLUMN] Daniel Bryan Over Roman Reigns Is Bad For Business.

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Feb 03, 2015

[COLUMN] Daniel Bryan Over Roman Reigns Is Bad For Business.

The WWE fans have spoken, or should I say a group of WWE fans have spoken. They have spoken and WWE is teetering on its heels and are thinking about taking Roman Reigns WrestleMania main event match from him. The opportunity he has earned like winner. But the fans have a problem with Reigns because of their perceived view, so they just might get their way and have Daniel Bryan in the WrestleMania main event.

I am not here to debate if Reigns is ready. I think HHH covered that last night in the PodCast with Steve Austin, when he said “no one is ready for that responsibility”. I want to discuss the precedence that is being set if they pull Reigns and add Bryan. For the second year in a row the fans will have dictated the direction WWE went. Last year it created a great WrestleMania moment for Daniel Bryan, the aftermath was disastrous. Storylines had to be re-written and direction changed because of his injury. I am not blaming Bryan for his injury but I do wish the fans would remember it. He just came back from an injury that could have ended his career. I am sure WWE intended to give him some time before inserting him back into the main event picture. I am sure they wanted to see how his body would hold up if at all, that would be what was best for business.

WWE management does not have the same luxury we as fans have. We can sit home and cheer for a select few wrestlers because they are the ones we like the most. WWE is a business they need to worry about all the wrestlers as a whole. They have to worry about the product as a whole and insure each wrestler gets a pay check, by putting the best product forward.

Many fans feel Reigns has earned nothing and does not deserve his push. I have to take the word of HHH and believe he has earned what he gets. He has worked just as hard as any wrestler in the back and has dedicated his life to wrestling. A better argument may be was Bryan really ready?

Backtracking and not giving Roman Reigns what was earned by him and giving it to Bryan is bad for business. I believe Daniel Bryan is a great wrestler and deserves to be in the main event picture just not now.

My final point is this I believe Daniel Bryan disagrees with the fans. I believe he wants Roman Reigns to get this push. What do I base this on? He could have come out last night given a half-hearted promo and just acted like he was trying to put Reigns over. What he did do though was come out and give a promo with passion and helped get Reigns over. I believe at “Fast Lane” Bryan knows it’s Reigns that should win. I believe Bryan will give 100% like he does every night and he will put Reigns over, and make him look like a star.

In closing is Reigns Ready? I do not know but time will tell. What I do know is if HHH believes he is ready then I am willing to see this out. I do not feel the IWC should dictate a man’s future, a man who has a family and a career to worry about.

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