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What Are WWE's Plans For Batista Since Signing "The Animal"? Will He Win The Rumble?

Posted By: Lee on Jan 22, 2014

What Are WWE's Plans For Batista Since Signing

Plans always change in the WWE. You're probably used to those lines within reports.

But there are now multiple reports of what WWE's intentions are/were for Batista since they signed him to a new contract. And the chances are, they are probably what you expected.

F4W, PWInsider have both reported that Batista was set to win the Royal Rumble and be pushed heavily on WWE TV. When they say "pushed heavily", that also would include headlining Wrestlemania 30. 

The obvious match seems to be Randy Orton vs Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, it was noticeable on Raw that Daniel Bryan got a better crowd reaction than a superstar who returned for the first time in 4 years after weeks of hype. WWE wouldn't likely change plans based on one crowd reaction, but it does make you wonder what the reaction will be if Batista wins the Rumble this Sunday. 

Source: F4W,PWInsider Tags: #wwe #batista

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